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Creating economic opportunities for underserved and unserved millions of people, especially in emerging economies

Bridging the MSME finance gap using digital technologies

Access to funds has remained a "do or die" affair for SMEs who are often at the mercy of the whims and caprices of an analog funding processes in a digital age. This has significantly created a barrier to growth. This is one of the developing world’s most pressing problem. The SME finance gap in emerging economies is estimated at 5 trillion dollars. 131 million or 41% formal MSMEs, have unmet financial needs. In sub-saharan Africa , the unmet finance need is a staggering 330 billion dollars deficit. We are creating breakthrough approaches to address this need through MyC4Plus.

We are powering the future of finance

The future of finance is personal, composable, customer-centric, and digital. Our Tidea platform provides the technology infrastructure that powers innovators, financial providers, and emebeded finance. Financial services is hitting the reboot button. We are powering trailblazing products and innovations that create great customer experiences.

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Identity verification

We provide eKYC that leverages data from the Bank Verification Number, National Identity Number, Coorporate Affairs Commission systems and others to verify identities of clients in Nigeria. This helps to reduce identity frauds and ensure regulatory compliance,

Digital wallet engine

We power wallets that you can top up, send and receive money. Wallets are integral part of the future of finance. We help customers find innovative use cases for digital wallets to address unmet needs in the market. You can onboard users, activate cards, get loans through our partners.

Digital Banking Engine

Tidea offers speed, resilience, and flexibility with our agile approach. Tidea is your cloud-based oftware platform that powers financial institutions, fintechs, startups,and innovators to offer more value to the under-served and unserved markets.

Data Analytics

Our dashoards and algorithm powers data-driven decision-making about portfolio performance and risks. You can measure and monitor what matters in your data to gain insights. Lenders can use our analytics to make quick data-driven credit decisions. This significantly reduces risk.

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MyC4Plus Marketplace for Capital

  • MSME Financing
  • Invest for profit and purpose
  • Data-driven analytics
  • Identity verification
  • Digitized processes


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Tidea for Digital Finance

  • Loan and deposits
  • Clients management
  • Indicators and reports
  • Agile implementation


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Vibez Wallets for Embeded finance

  • Movies, Music, Money
  • Send and Receive
  • Invest
  • Take a loan
  • Get financially savvy


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“Every one of our companies is born to aspire to what Moderna has done. Why wouldn’t you think you can actually change the world?” "Reasonableness is the gravitational pull on innovation" "It shouldn't be this rare, it should't be this hard" Noubar Afeyan

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Obasanjo Onireti

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Economic opportunitues and prosperity should not be the exclusive preserve of a select few. The future of finance is inclusive. Innovators must create value and solve problems that address Africa's perenial problems. We must deploy our best brains, energy, and resources in this direction. Obasanjo Onireti

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